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Complementary machines




Machine to die-cut one board page differently from the other ones for children books

Machine to die-cut one board page differently from the other ones

machine for die-cutting shapes of  children's board  book,

Single page die cut

Index die cutmachine for children board book

Phonebook type

die cut

Die Cutting Machine Children's Book  Special-shaped Cardboard Book Zechini  Italy

Central bookblock die cut

Board Children's Book  Die Cutting Machine

Bookblock die cut

Main Technical Specifications

Splash allows to produce books with board pages that can be die-cut on the edge through different cutting patterns. The machine is composed of two pressing stations equipped with wooden die-cuts mounted on their bases. The modular construction of Splash allows to place several stations side by side in order to die-cut different pages at a time according to the request, without needing to continuously stack the product. The die-cutting surface covers a mm 120 x mm 250 area and enables to die-cut materials up to 1 ton pressure (optional: 1,5 Ton). On every Splash unit two operators can work simultaneously without any problem.

round corner hard cover machine


Machine that rounds corners on already finished hard cases


 The Zagor is a new machine that rounds corners on already finished hard cases. When the operator inserts a case in the machine, heated tools round two corners at a time, ensuring that the covering material adheres to the rounded corner. There is a wide choice of corner diameters. Thanks to its small footprint, simple operation and rapid changeover the Zagor represents an ideal solution for short and medium runs.

round corner hard cover machine
Ancora 1


Machine that can trim or round the corners of bookblocks

Full automatic Machine that can trim or round the corners of children  book

The Titan is a newly developed machine that can trim or round the corners of bookblocks, soft cover books, diaries, paper reams, PU and other products and materials. The machine has two cutting heads able of performing a clean cut, either straight or round, in a single machine stroke. The cutting mechanism consists of a blade and a counterblade, both of which are made of HSS so as to esure a long lifetime.

Full automatic Machine that can trim or round the corners of children  book
Machine that can trim or round the corners of children  book

Children's Board Book

zechini children book machine


zechini packaging machine


zechini bookbinding machine

Children Board Book  Binding Machines | Zechini | Lombardia

Most used terms

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