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Red Arrow Baby


Red Arrow Baby.jpg

Red Arrow Baby

Automatic line for the production of board book blocks.

children bookblock with windows

Children's Board Book

children 3D bookblock

Pop-up children's board book

children book with puzzles

Kids' Puzzle Book

                               Main features

The Red Arrow Baby is designed to automatically produce book blocks with cardboard pages for classic hardcover children's books and interactive books with puzzles, windows or movable figures.
Unlike the Red Arrow 2, the Baby does not have any collating stations so the signatures must previously be folded.

Main features:

  • High productivity - max. mechanical speed is 200 cycles/min.

  • Touch screen control panel.

  • Quick and easy set-up.

  • Spray gluing system with an innovative control software - you can apply

  • Gluing can within minutes, thanks to an easy and intuitive control panel.

  • Automatic washing of the gluing system at the end of the work.

  • Relatively .

    The is the ideal solution for those who want to start the production of children's books with cardboard pages.

Children's Board Book

zechini children book machine


zechini packaging machine


zechini bookbinding

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