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hardcover children book

Hardcover Children's Board Book

hardbook cover children book machine

Hardcover Laminated Children's Book

Bombardier 2


casing in machine
casing in machine
automatic casing-in machine for padded cover children book

Padded cover board book

Solution for the casing-in of board books

machine cover_ children book_casing-in

Cover feeder

Feeder for:

  • Hard covers;

  • Padded hard covers;

  • Die-cut covers on the inside;

  • Soft covers

automatic machine for Gluing unit      Cold glue application through nozzles machine  Zechini

Gluing unit

  • Cold glue application through nozzles directly onto the cover;

  • Applicators with single adhesive quantity regulation;

  • Adhesive taken directly from the tank;

  • Automatic water cleaning system;

  • Control software for selective gluing in dots and lines for every gun and for a high number of different combination.

Mounting Children Book Block.jpg

Book block feeder

  • "Non-Stop" feeder;

  • Board book block feeding for belt transmission;

  • Book block positioning onto the first lid;

  • Mechanic mounting with the cover.

automatic machine for Mounting Children Book Block Casing-in machine

Casing-in system

  • Perfectly aligned positioning of the book block onto the first lid;

  • Unit for the lifting of the second lid;

  • Unit for the closing of the book block with the second lid;

  • Pre-pressing unit.

Nipping Book and Press Children Book Machine

Joint forming station

  • Joint forming timing regulation;

  • Joint forming temperature regulation;

  • Pressing timing regulation.

Stacker  Kid_book_Machine.jpg


Books stacking with copy selection.

Children's Board Book

zechini children book machine


zechini packaging


zechini bookbinding machine

Children Board Book  Binding Machines | Zechini | Lombardia

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